District 6920

We are excited to welcome you to Peach State PETS to help you prepare for your year of service to your club. PETS is a great adventure and a wonderful place to gather the information to make your year outstanding. Our job is to ensure you get what you need to be successful – and to make sure your questions get answered!

There will be over 200 President Elects at PETS. You represent major cities and rural towns. Some of you are from large clubs and some from small ones. It should be a fun group with a very diverse perspective and one important goal – be the best club President you can be.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for PETS:

  1. Read the RI President’s Promise, it doesn’t take very long to read. You probably know most of it but do review the information. If you don’t have a hard copy, here is a link to a digital copy: https://my.rotary.org/en/document/lead-your-club-president


  1. Start making a list of things you want to learn at We want to be sure we cover the things

*you* want to know! Feel free to bring material with you to PETS as well.

  1. Talk to the current club President (and maybe some past Presidents). Ask what they wish they had done or learned in the preparation to Always ask advice from the person walking through the fire in front of you!

Things to know about PETS:

  1. Friday and Saturday night, there will be hospitality There are three (one for each Georgia district) and you are welcome to visit with all of them! They are all located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. They will have beverages (benign and adult) and sometimes snacks – no charge to you.
  2. When you arrive and after you check in, go to the PETS registration desk on the bottom floor (take the elevator down from the hotel lobby). The PETS registration desk will be on the airport side of the You will get your name tag, agenda and lots of other material. Most important, you will get your food tickets – keep track of your food tickets! No ticket, no food!
  3. The vendor tables will be on the bottom floor as Plan ahead if you would like to purchase theme pins, officer pins or other Rotary goodies for your team. There is time built into the agenda for you to visit the vendors and shop.
  4. Dress Code – mostly “Rotary casual” Dress comfortably for Carry a sweater or jacket if you get cold in meeting rooms. You can wear blue jeans, but they prefer casual pants instead. Wear your Rotary pin (of course!). The Sat. night reception is a bit fancier…gentlemen, bring a jacket and tie. Ladies, a bit dressier than work clothes (no need for sparkles or evening wear). The reception is for you to meet the Rotary International officers, so if you are a Major Donor or Bequest Society member, wear those pins! (also Polio pin, fellowship pins, etc)
  5. Parking – if you are driving in and arrive on Friday, parking should be easy in the hotel parking lot (get the parking slip). If you are flying, no worries at all – there is a shuttle! If you are driving and plan to arrive Saturday morning, parking will be Check the hotel lot first, if it is full, park in the empty lot to the right of the hotel (right if you are looking at the front entrance of the hotel – outside the fence)


  1. Food – All of your food on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday are included in your registration (keep track of your food tickets!!). If you arrive Friday night, I hope you signed up for the social! It will be on the bottom If you didn’t sign up, go back and edit your

registration so you can attend. If you don’t like the food at the social, there is a restaurant inside the hotel. There are some restaurants in the area, but they aren’t convenient. If you are driving in, either eat on the way or plan to eat in the hotel Friday night.

  1. Wi-Fi – available in the lobby of the hotel Otherwise you have to pay $10 a day
  2. Have fun! This is a great time to make new friends and learn from the people around