Laws of Life

Here is a link to our new and improved YouTube channel. It has many more videos.

I suggest you check out these as options. – This video includes Wade Chappell, one of the state winners last year, reading his essay and our very own Beth McIntyre, providing an overview of the contest. This is a recording from our September Kick-off Luncheon, you will see we had to use a number of screenshots instead of live feed. It is 8:17 minutes long. – This is Cinty Huynh, from Brookwood High, last year’s state winner. The student Beth mentioned. It is 4.04 minutes – This 3.30 video gives an excellent perspective of the program from students and teachers.

And finally, – This video combines the two videos above with detail on how clubs can support the program. Beth narrates this 13.39 minute video. It is a great stand alone tool.